It’s All About The Glow!

beauty glow skincare


Outside of a moisturizer I never really gave much importance to skincare. I naturally have dry skin so I always put a generic cream on my face every morning and night but that was the extent of it.

Even with a 5 year career as an NFL cheerleader, I didn’t realize the importance of skincare. I was educated in makeup, hair and overall fitness but taking care of your skin was not considered a part of your overall beauty. The glow always came from a good makeup product but never what was naturally underneath it all.

I started my skincare journey at the age of 37. I witnessed an influencer utilizing a product and she raved about how much it has contributed to her skin health and natural glow. The best part was we witnessed the transition to her great skin on her Instagram so we had proof of the good the product could do. I was influenced and bought the product. Two years later, it was by far the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin.

The most critical thing I’ve learned throughout this journey is the importance of staying consistent. Take the time to find great products, use them 2-5 minutes a night and day and prioritize your skin. Watch the transformation. Good skin has much more weight than you think. Yes, your skin will look great but the confidence that comes with it is unmatched. I don’t say this lightly but having great skin gives me more confidence now than being on a NFL cheerleading team with great makeup, hair and being fit.

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