Remove Your Sudden Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes

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Tips To Remove Sudden Dark circles and bags under eyes

So many people experience dark circles and bags under the eyes at some point in their life. There are many reasons why you might end up with the dreaded circles and bags. I’ve personally had this issue for years and until recently found a solution that actually works. The purpose of this post is to share some causes and treatments I’ve learned along the way dealing with the challenge of dark circles and bags.

I’ll go through some reasons and also treatments when you suddenly have dark circles and bags show up.

Dark Circles Under Eyes – Causes and Treatments

Dark circles under your eyes can be caused by many things. Here are a few causes of sudden dark circles under the eyes I’ve found to be common:


During allergy season, dark circles under the eyes may be visible. These circles may be caused by nasal congestion, a common allergy. The congestion will lead into the veins under your eyes. The veins will then dilate and darken creating puffiness and dark circles. If you suffer from allergies of any kind, it’s best to discuss it with your health care provider. There are many treatments that can be used to help you alleviate the symptoms.

For the last 10 years, until about a year ago, I could not step foot out of the house because the immediate allergic reaction. My days were ruined literally from just going outside once. My eyes and throat were itchy and I couldn’t stop sneezing. Even worse I could barely take a step anywhere before having to blow my nose yet again. I would have to immediately get up out of bed every morning and take an over-the-counter medicine.

Here are some of the things I’ve done personally to help alleviate my reaction to allergies which has also helped with my under-eye circles and bags.

If you have pets, do not let them sleep on your bed. We have a little 5-pound Yorkie that slept with us but little did we know, he was carrying the outside pollen into the onto our bed causing me to immediately have a reaction. The alternative would be to change your sheets often if you do have your pet sleep with you.

We also decided to remove the carpet in our room. Between foot traffic and what our Yorkie was carrying in we were living with never-ending vacuuming. We also changed our A/C filter often to keep the fresh air circulating properly along with an air purifier in the main bedroom.

Making those small changes helped me significantly. I still have reactions but it is night and day in comparison to what I endured the last few years.

Sleep Deprivation Leads To Dark Under Eye Circles

Many factors can cause dark circles under the eyes. Sleep deprivation, stress, and diet are a few of them. Having dark circles under your eyes is a telltale sign that you are not getting enough sleep. This can affect the health of your eyes as well as the way you look.

Sleep deprivation can cause side effects such as blood vessel dilation, puffy eyes and a droopy upper eyelid. Lack of sleep can also make it difficult to read, causing eyes to appear red and puffy. Eye infections can also be caused by a lack of sleep.

A good sleep schedule can prevent dark circles and a stress-free lifestyle will help reduce the appearance of under eye bags.

After having two kids, my sleep schedule had changed quite a bit. I woke up in the middle of the night and would have trouble falling back asleep. I had to do something differently. Lack of sleep was affecting my eyes, my mood and so much more. These are just a few things that have helped me have a better night’s rest.

Invest in a table top air humidifier. I have this on at night and slip a little lavender oil in it. It’s calming and it smells really good throughout the night. I also have an sound machine app you can put on to help with a good nights rest. Believe it or not, once I started using the sound machine even if I did wake up it would help me fall right back asleep.

Skin Genetics

Even if you’re suffering from dark circles under the eyes because of genetics there are many ways to treat the problem. To ensure the best treatment, you should consult a dermatologist. I have found using eye creams that contain vitamin C to lighten the area is a great start. A retinol cream can also be used to improve the texture and thickness of your skin.

Drinking lots of water and taking good care of your skin are the best ways to reduce under-eye bags. Sunscreen and sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun and suppress the genetics inclination for eye bags.

Supplements can be beneficial for circulation. Eating more antioxidant-rich plant foods. A topical eye cream as part of  your skincare routine can be an option and a massage of the area can help move congested body fluids out of the tissues.

Treatments to Get Rid of Your Sudden Under Eye Bags

There are many treatments that can help your restore your natural glow regardless of whether you’ve had dark circles all your life or in more recent years.

Treatment strategies must be tailored to your specific needs.

You may consult a dermatologist to determine whether laser treatment or other invasive procedures are right for your needs. Lasers can lighten under-eye skin, decreasing puffiness and improving circulation. Laser therapy can also reduce wrinkles. There’s also the options of injectables or dermal fillers depending on what your doctor may recommend.

There are also some lifestyle changes you can make to help reduce the appearance of these bags…

A daily skincare regimen with a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or more is also a good way to prevent sun damage and maintain hydration to the skin in the eye area. Taking a collagen every day will help your body retain hydration.

How to Prevent Puffy Eyes in Morning

Getting puffy eyes in the morning can be a big bummer. While the cause of puffy eyes is not completely understood, it is believed to be caused by poor quality sleep and fluid retention. Luckily, there are ways to combat this condition.

If you are suffering from puffy eyes, you should try removing all makeup and avoiding scented products before bed. You can also try using an antihistamine eye drop to clear up puffy eyes almost instantly. Cold compress on your eyes can be an additional alternative to get rid of the swelling. This will also help reduce the inflammation in the area. If your puffy eyes are more than just a minor nuisance, you may want to see a doctor.

One of the most obvious ways to cure puffy eyes in the morning is to drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps flush excess fluids and salt out of your body. Having water with you at all times can help you keep your eyes clear and hydrated throughout the day. Aside from drinking water, you can also avoid eating too much sodium. Salty foods have a hydrophilic property, which means they attract fluids. Too much salt can cause cells to fill up with excess water, which can lead to bloating and puffiness.

Another way to prevent puffy eyes in the morning is to sleep with your head elevated. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your body to function properly. When you sleep, your body slows down and your heart rate decreases. This results in less blood circulation, which causes eyelid edema.

Collagen is a great way to help with puffy eyes. I take my collagen supplement at night because I do think it helps me have a better night’s rest. Collagen will help your body retain the water. If you have gut or digestive issues it may be best to take it first thing in the morning.

In the morning, I use an eye mask to help release the inflammation. Typically, eye masks are great because it provides immediate hydration. They are great for increasing brighter skin, lifts under eye creases, remove fine lines and winkles. Ultimately the help give your eyes the energy boost it needs to kick start your day.

Need A Personalized Solution For Dark Bags Under Eyes?

My Five Steps With NuSkin Treatment For Dark Bags Under Eyes – It Works!

My skincare routine reducing the appearance of puffy eyes and restoring natural beauty glow consists of the following products. It has taken me a little time to create a routine that works for me. I’ve gone through many trials of various solutions and this by far as been the most successful is completely reducing my circles and dark bags under my eyes.

  1. LumiSpa Eye Attachment
  2. Line Corrector
  3. Cooling Eye Balm
  4. Magic Eraser/Color Corrector
  5. Nuskin Bright Eyes

If you check out my blog On 5 Steps for an Instant Under Eye Glow, I have a direct link to each of the products I use twice daily to help prevent puffiness

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