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diy home organizingIf you’re looking for home organizing advice, there are several things you should consider. Fortunately, many of these tips are free, easy, and inexpensive. One exception is containers, which can get pricey if you’re not careful. The Home Edit team also has tips on creating a “drop zone,” using existing furniture to store multiple-functional storage pieces, and labeling containers to prevent overbuying.


Here are a few things to consider while organizing solutions in your home.


Creating a drop zone

Creating a drop zone in your entryway can be a great way to de-clutter other areas of your home. This zone can serve as a mail station and be used to hold things you need to take out with you. It can also be an excellent place to hang seasonal wreaths and artwork. You can also add throw pillows and rugs to make it more attractive.


First, you will need to clear your entryway. Place a chair or other place that is large enough for the items you need to bring into the room. A drop zone will make the area more functional and save space on your kitchen counter and dining room tables.


Multi-functional storage pieces with existing furniture

Adding multi-functional storage pieces to existing furniture is a great way to make your home more functional. For example, a coffee table can double as a storage unit for books or games, while a closed shelf provides more space in the bathroom. Another example is a lift-top coffee table, which can serve as a desk with space for work accessories.


Multi-functional storage pieces can also help you tame clutter by hiding extras. Storage ottomans, for example, can store blankets for overnight visitors, remote controls, and more. And they can complement the decor of any room.


Labeling storage containers to prevent overbuyinglabeling food storage

Adding labels to your storage containers is a great way to keep track of what’s in them and avoid buying things you don’t need. Labeling is easy and inexpensive to do. You can use a word processor to create labels and cut them out. You can then attach them to the containers with tape and print labels on card stock paper instead of regular printer paper for extra durability. You can also download label templates online. These will be especially helpful if you need specific shapes or sizes.


Tip for letting go of sentimental clutter

One of the best ways to get rid of sentimental clutter is to label items with their appropriate functions. For example, if you have a box of framed pictures in your living room, mark it with “Keep,” “Donate,” and “Sell.” Then, take the photos and label them accordingly.


Keeping sentimental items can be both a blessing and a curse. They can make you remember special events or a long-gone loved one, but they also prevent you from living fully in your life. The best solution is to put them in a box, donate them to a thrift store, or sell them on eBay.


Looking at your family photos is an excellent way to purge sentimental clutter. According to Marie Kondo, you should gather all family photos and sort them by year and time. Similarly, get rid of duplicates or similar images from the same day. You can also discard old negatives.


Kitchen Organizing Tips

One of the essential kitchen organizing tips is to remove clutter. If your countertops are too cluttered, consider using decorative jars and fruit bowls to make them look more organized. Another great option is to add a rack to cabinet doors. This can help you organize miscellaneous items like spoons, pans, and tools.


Getting organized will make your life easier. It will also save you money. Consider asking a friend or roommate for their opinion about organizing. By collaborating, you’ll be able to determine which items need to be sorted and which can remain in their original packaging. In addition, you’ll be able to see what things need to be purchased or replaced and create a shopping list.

Before organizing your kitchen, you’ll need to figure out what items you use most often. This will help you determine what to keep and donate. Once you have a list of items, sort them by category. Remember only to keep the things you use. By implementing intelligent storage solutions, you’ll be able to maximize your cabinet space and keep your kitchen organized.


While kitchen cabinets are personal, keeping the items you use most often within easy reach, and sight is a great tip. For example, if you prepare a pot of coffee in the morning, it’s best to have it within reach. An excellent way to accomplish this is by using a tension rod, which gives cabinets more vertical space. You can also use hooks attached to cabinet doors to hang different items.


Office Organizing Tips

One of the best tips for organizing an office is to divide up the space. This will make things easier to find. Then, create specific areas on your desk for different things. For example, place things you frequently use near your computer and keep less frequently used items away. If you often write, designate a space near your computer where you can easily place a pen and paper.

Another office organizing tip is to store supplies in attractive containers. Use storage bins or desk drawers that have shallow organizers. Also, try to keep like-type items together. You don’t need to buy Costco-sized containers for the same supplies. Finally, label your drawers and bins.


You can also make filing cabinets more efficient. You can put papers in separate drawers or use hanging folders for different categories. For example, you can file medical records, client files, financial records, or files for individual clients. You can use numerical or alphabetical filing systems and even color-code your folders to identify them.


One of the best Office Organizing Tips is to label items. Labeling things help you find things easily and put them back where they belong. Try to use innovative systems to organize your supplies and space. You can even use a small laptop or monitor with an online backup. You can also coordinate your supplies with your office’s décor.



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