4 Steps To A Makeup Organizing Solution

4 Steps To A Makeup Organizing Solution

For some, makeup may just be a day to day routine. It’s something you put on because you get a little extra glow, a confidence booster or in all honesty hide what you don’t like. A lot of us rely on makeup to make us fell better and it certainly has the power to change your look which plays into your confidence. I’m also that girl that needs just a little something to hide my under eye bags and shape my eyebrows. I can’t apply it too much to where it makes me look completely different or I’m going out until 3am.

For others, makeup is a passion. People do research and spend a ton of money on different types of makeup. They play around with different colors and techniques like it’s a Saturday morning at the park. They enjoy the creativity. Personally I enjoy watching people that truly like the makeup routine. I certainly don’t have the time and it’s not something I would declare as a passion or large interest of mine. I do however rely on it to not scare anyone when I walk out of the door. I enjoy it enough to go explore different products but that’s the extent of it.

With that being said, my inventory has grown quite a bit and it is ultimately all laid out in a drawer. I had no idea how to make it work for me and organize it all in a way that would make sense. I had to figure something out because more often than not I found myself frustrated because I couldn’t find something.

I needed a makeup organizing solution that supports a natural beauty glow.

I did have to find a separate solution for some of my unique sized items like my eye lash curler, bronzer and blending sponge. For any of those lingering items, I purchased a clear organizing container to put in my drawer. It works great. I can open the drawer and find minimal items that won’t take me too long to grab.

Here are my four tips for organizing your makeup:

    1. Like any other organization project you have to know what you have today. Looking through products you can toss out or keep would help determine what you’ll need to organize it all. Makeup has an expiration date so make sure you clean out what you haven’t used in over 6 months.
    2. Once everything is cleaned out, I like to then categorize the makeup by application. All of my foundations, all of my concealers, lipsticks, etc. If you don’t have a ton of make up to work with, you may not need to do this step.
    3. Because I’m middle ground when it comes to makeup, I had to find something that would be large enough to hold my everyday makeup but cute enough to put on my bathroom counter. For me it’s about convenience and time. Having a makeup organizer on my counter gives me easy access and it saves me time because I know where everything is.
    4. Amazon is my friend. After going through a typical acrylic makeup organizer which didn’t give me what I was looking for, I found this adorable makeup organizer that put all my day to day items on display and available when I needed them. What’s perfect about it is the look and the size. It’s not too big, not that much room to fit anything else which is perfect and looks great on my bathroom counter.

It’s all about what works for you and making everything easier for the day to day when it comes to your makeup organizing solution. Don’t waste time trying to find your concealer or lip gloss. Organizing may be a tall order but at the end it’s providing you with an organizing solution that will give you back the gift of time.

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