5 Easy Tips to Organize at Your Pace

5 Easy Tips to Organize at Your Pace

Organizing can be overwhelming and even time consuming. I know more often than not, we’re all scraping for just one more minute in our day because there isn’t enough time to do it all. Where can anyone possibly find the time to organize? I’m here to tell you if you put in the time now, you’ll give yourself the gift of time later. Organizing will make your day easier and sometimes even run faster. Here are a few easy tips to help make organizing doable.

1. It’s all going to be in the prep work. Looking at your space, imagining what your dream space could look like, what about it do you want to change or how can I make this function better. Try finding the time to look through different magazines, photos, articles and even going on websites to see what you like from other similar projects others have done. Taking an extra 5 minutes each day to put the ideas together will make a world of difference when you begin your project.

2. Putting your ideas together. Once you’ve worked up a few ideas, save all of your photos or examples to a project folder on your phone or desktop. I’ve even printed the ideas just ao I can lay it all out as if it were project day. If you’re stuck between two or three things, engage your family or even friends on social media. There are times where you just need a second opinion because you’ve been staring at it or going back and forth for too long. Think through how many of each item you’ll need or what it will be used for. Evrythinng should have place and purpose.

3. Purchase day. My favorite day! I always recommend cleaning out the space just so you have a clean slate and room to measure things out without clutter. It’s important to know how much of something you’ll need and if you have the space for it so you don’t purchase too many or it ultimately won’t fit. There’s nothing more frustrating then going through the trouble of buying everything, because you’re excited, you didn’t measure it and on project day…it doesn’t work. Now you have to find even more time to return it all. Always

4. Project day! Give yourself some time throughout the week to work on your project. You’ll need time where you can solely dedicate to physically put everything together. Having done the prep work by putting the ideas together beforehand and clearing out the space, (If it’s not an everyday use space) ultimately will make this day smoother.

5. Giving back. If your old items are still functionable, I recommend donating them to a goodwill or a neighbor. You can always find someone in need or without.

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