5 Simple Tips to Organize Your Laundry Room!

5 Simple Tips to Organize Your Laundry Room!

I recently decided to re-organize the laundry room. It’s been long overdue. I needed to organize the overwhelming chaos I walk into every day. I wanted a space I look forward to seeing daily and would encourage me to fold my laundry right away! Ultimately my new laundry space would make everything more efficient for my family.

I’m all about making things easier so I save on time.

The Laundry Chaos

Time is hard to come by these days and if I can help myself gain the gift of time sign me up! My new laundry room needed to create efficiency and complement my laundry routine.

My laundry space was very chaotic. I would fold clothes and put them on top of the dryer because I was just never motivated to take them upstairs to the kids room. I also didn’t like the look of my laundry room so I didn’t care if it was messy. I always had dirty towels on the floor, random socks and sweaty clothes from working out with no dedicated space to hang and dry.









My 5 Easy Tips To Organize Your Laundry Room

I finally decided to create a better solution while keeping it simple. I didn’t want this to be a Pinterest project where I would have to go to Home Depot or a paint store and make a big ordeal through multiple YouTube videos. I just wanted something easy and basic but enough to jazz up the space. It needed to serve the purpose of cuteness and efficiency.

  1. The first thing I did was buy a cute rug from my local Target near me. There’s something about putting a rug in a space that makes it feel so homey. A rug instantly changes the look of the room. I recommend something you can pop in the washer. For me it’s a big traffic area so I needed something I can easily put in the washer if it ever got too dirty.
  2. I purchased baskets as my next step. What’s a laundry room without some organization? For us the laundry room is a catch all place so I always found myself picking up whatever was dumped off by the little ones. Getting the baskets and labeling each one helped everyone keep everything in its place. They also know where they can find it thanks to the labels.
  3. I decided to get two matching laundry baskets from Target. One basket for the kids and another for me and my husband. I wash my kids’ clothes more often than ours so if I could hold off on washing everything all together and just do little loads at a time, this would do it. Doing little loads at a time made it easier for me to fold and put away. It was always the large loads that made me just keep the clean clothes in a pile in my closet.
  4. Purchasing a caddy not only made the space adorable but it also helped me only keep the products I really needed. I would find myself putting random sprays and cleaners in the laundry room because again it’s a catch all place but if I minimize where the products would fit, I then force myself to only keep what I really use.
  5. My husband and I either work out or play a recreational sport so needless to say we have some sweaty clothes that need to air dry before we put them in the hamper. I found these adorable large clothes pins on Etsy. They help air dry the clothes and give the room a unique look.

Ultimately, organizing and refreshing a space does not always have to be a Pinterest project. Sometimes a few baskets, a nice new flow to the space and touch of functionality will do the trick. Keeping it simple but cute will give the room a nice new look that helps you save time and keep you sane.

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