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Delicious Recipes

I come from a Latin household where there are traditional family recipes and dishes we ALL love. They’re dishes you grew up lesrning to make with the expectation it would come easy

I remember I was about 11 years old or so and my mom attempted to teach me how to cook a pretty typical rice and beans dish. Almost immediately after I pick up the spoon my mom takes it back and takes over. Knowing my mom, she didn’t have the patience it took to teach or mcuh time for a grace period. I went from pure excitement to confusion and embarrassment. From that little slip up to about 7 years ago, I rarely ever cooked again and relied a lot on takeout or someone else to do the cooking.

Throughout the years I had a minimal list of basic recipes. It was during the pandemic that I really decided I wanted to focus more on new recipes. Now when I say recipes, it’s not coming up with new recipes and doing different taste tests. I’m not that girl. It’s more of looking through different books, articles and Pinterest to find something that’s easy, fast and appealing.

Being a full-time working mom of two with activities throughout the week and a never ending list of tasks, projects and household duties, I rarely have anytime to cook so it has to be a recipe under 30 minutes. What has helped me most is creating a list of what I’d like to cook everyday of the week to match what we have going on each day. Planning it out ahead of time will save you time and hold you accountable in a sense so you’re not having to come up with something to make last minute. I’ll share recipes that work for our family and have ended up being our top favorites.

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