Natural Glow With BB Foundation!

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I’ve been looking for several months now for a great BB+ Foundation. I have found that most don’t have enough coverage, don’t last very long or don’t provide benefits for a natural glow with your skin. BB Foundations are meant to be a great alternative to your regular foundation giving your skin a break from the harsh chemicals.

I have fallen in love with Nuskin’s BB+ Foundation. It has long lasting coverage, lightweight and contains SPF. It also helps moisturize your skin giving you a beautiful natural glow. You can select from a laundry list of color choices and they even help you color match.

One of my most favorite things about the BB Foundation is it hydrates your skin giving you luminous skin. It looks incredibly natural and it’s not cakey. I typically use it during the days I only have zoom calls or internal meetings. It’s simple, easy and helps your skin.

The BB Foundation ingredients are what provide the protection, glow and coverage we all look for. It’s made with hyaluronic acid-rose ferment blend which provides long-lasting, soothing hydration. It also contains Theobrama Cacao Seed Extract which is a biodaptive ingredient that helps protect your skin from free radicals & the damaging stressors of blue light exposure.

The best part is that it’s working for you to produce the healthy and natural glow we all desire. It also helps your skin build resiliency from everyday changes so you don’t have to worry whether your skin will recover. It’s makeup that acts as skin care.

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