4 Ways this Smart Device Tracks Your Journey to a Beautiful Glow!

4 Ways this Smart Device Tracks Your Journey to a Beautiful Glow!

In a previous blog I mentioned I purchased a product that forever changed my skin. This product not only made my skin smoother instantly but even 2 years later, gives me that nice beautiful glow. It’s the LUMISpa.

The best part of it, as if what I’ve shared hasn’t been good enough, it was recently upgraded to a better and smarter device, the LUMI iO.

The LUMI iO is designed to be your personal assistant and guide you through your skincare journey. It’s micro pulse oscillation technology, draws out dirt, oil, makeup, pollutants and toxins and lifts them away without irritating your skin leaving you with renewed, brighter and improved texture.

The smart device will coach you on what to do differently for best results. For instance..

1. The LUMI iO allows you to customize a skin care program based on the suggested focus area.

2. Sends alerts if it’s not being used properly and notifications when it’s time to change the head.

3. Tracks your usage and shares reccomendations to improve your skin.

4. Tracks your progress with a side by side selfie so you can see how much your skin has transformed in a matter of weeks.

The LUMI iO has immensely transformed my skin care personally. I feel much more confident and comfortable leaving the house without any makeup. Two years ago, you wouldn’t catch me anywhere without makeup on.

It’s worth every single penny. It’s more than just a skincare device. Yes, it will improve your skin and give such a beautiful glow but it will also increase your confidence and make you comfortable in your own skin. Don’t just take my word for it, let it change your life too. Hope you enjoyed a few of my skin care secrets and feel free to message me anytime.

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